Anti-Slip Floor & Surface Coating

Our range of anti-slip floor coatings are designed to provide solutions to slippery floors on the dozens of different floor surface.

Where possible, we inspect and survey most sites and select the most appropriate coating for our customers’ floor surface.

We provide our customers with a written post works cleaning method and suggest suitable detergents to maintain the floor’s appearance and maintain the slip resistance.

We offer an option to return to site within 7 days of the completion of an anti-slip coating (to allow for full curing) to conduct a slip resistance test and provide our customer with a report on the slip resistance of the coated floor; this report can be stored in your Health and Safety file and shared with your insurance company.

To apply any coating on a floor surface, the floor has to be deep cleaned to remove wax, polish, detergent residue etc.; Skid Proof includes pre-cleaning in our cost proposals.

Anti-Slip Surface Coatings - Skid Proof

Dr. Schutz Pu Anti-Slip Surface Seal

We can clean, prime and apply two coats up to 100 m2 in four to six hours with an extra 4 – 6 hour curing time for light foot traffic.

The PU anti-slip seal is available in clear matt, satin and gloss finishes and is also available in a colour of your choice.

The PU Seal is extremely hard wearing; it excelled when subjected to the ‘Rolling Chair Test’ test; after 25,000 rotations the assessment was ‘no visible change to the surface’!

Skid Proof X410 anti-slip coating;

This water based anti-slip coating is mixed on site with aluminium oxide grains to produce a Pendulum Test Value of 36+, we have recently used this coating on the floor of the reception lobby and staff entrance in Apple’s European Headquarters in Hollyhill, County Cork

SP X410 takes 20 hours to cure post application so is suitable for floors that can be closed off for a full day post works.

4 Earth PU Anti Slip coating

This coating is ideal for wood, vinyl and laminate floors; no onsite mixing is required, it is a two coat system with up to 12 hours curing required.

4 Earth PU Anti Slip Super Seal coating

This is a water based anti-slip seal which is ideal for polished porcelain, granite, marble and polished concrete; no onsite mixing is required, it is a two coat system with up to 12 hours curing required.