Anti-Slip Treatments for Bathroom & Kitchen Floors

We find that tiles are usually selected on appearance or on amateur advice from sales staff, with little anti-slip knowledge or regard for safety, and it’s only when the tiles have been laid does the real danger of a slippery floor become obvious.

The choice then is to remove and replace the dangerous tiles, which can be an expensive and disruptive process, or have the tiles anti-slip treated to eliminate the threat of a serious accident

We have treated many slippery surfaces in domestic bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, laminate or timber floors, porches and paved and tiled patios; our aim is to maximise the slip resistance while minimising the effect on the surface appearance.

We include cleaning and anti-slip maintenance recommendations for every project we complete.

Please be aware that leaving a residue of cleaning product, soap or shampoo on a tiled floor will lead to a build-up of residue over time and when even a drop of water is added the water reactivates the detergent and you end up with a slippery floor; tiled floors should be rinsed with clean water after washing!

For an obligation free quotation, please forward approximate room dimensions and a couple of photos of the surface to [email protected] or to 087 251 8086.

Anti-slip Treatments For Bathroom Floors | Anti-slip Treatments For Kitchen Floors | Skid Proof

Free Slip Risk Assessment and Advice for domestic bathroom and kitchen floors.

Slips on wet floors in kitchens and bathrooms are quite common, painful but avoidable!

Our assessment will tell you the exact level of slip risk, if any, you have when your floor is wet.

If you would like a free slip risk assessment of your bathroom and kitchen floors, please

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