Slip Resistant Testing & Reports

How safe are your floor surfaces?

An important part of our business is slip resistance testing of internal and external surfaces; surfaces contaminated with water, detergent, spills of coffee, tea etc. can turn a safe surface into an accident just waiting to happen.

Pendulum Test Values (PTV)

We provide reports on the slip resistance in Pendulum Test Values, see table below, of surfaces and make recommendations as to how best to maximise the slip resistance of your surface; it may be that a simple deep clean will increase the slip resistance to an acceptably safe level or we may recommend the application of an appropriate anti-slip coating, a clean and chemical etch or a hone and seal solution.

Slip Resistance Testing | Slip Resistant Reporting - Skid Proof

A Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 36 is ideal for level surfaces when wet but ramps, swimming pool perimeter surface, shower areas, wet rooms, turning areas should have a PTV of 40.

Slip Resistance Testing Services

Slip Resistance requirements can differ from surface to surface, environment to environment; the slip resistance in the changing room of a swimming pool would be totally different to the slip resistance required on the lift lobby floor in a commercial building or in a warehouse with a concrete floor.

We conduct onsite and offsite slip resistance testing and provide reports, conclusions and recommendations to our customers.

Tile suppliers, floor surface suppliers/architects/builders supply us with loose, sample tiles which we test, both wet and dry, and provide a report; this allows our customer to make an informed decision as to whether or not the tile is appropriate for the proposed environment.

We also conduct onsite slip resistance tests and provide reports on the slip resistance of floor surfaces and we provide recommendations and cleaning products and/or methods.

Slip Resistance Testing | Slip Resistant Reporting - Skid Proof

Useful Slip Resistance Information

Pendulum Test Values (PTVs)  Level, wet hard surface (internal or external)
0 to 24High Slip Risk
24 to 35Moderate Slip Risk
36+Low Slip Risk
PTVProbability of a slip on a level, wet surface
241 in 20
271 in 200
291 in 10,000
341 in 100,000
361 in 1,000,000
PTVs converted to R ratings (tiles are generally sold with an R rating)
11 to 18R9
18 to 34R10
35 to 51R11
51 to 70R12

Please be careful if buying R10 rated tiles, note the wide PTV range for R10 (18 – 34); unless you have the tiles tested you could be buying a slip hazard!